Sunday, March 04, 2012

when i see people hurting the people that they love, i find myself scared. i have the same capability to hurt others too.

even the people we love the most - they are the ones we usually hurt the deepest.  more so because they are very much a big part of who we are.  yet the effect doesn't end there, we just don't see how it affects a lot more others in a bigger or more interconnected nature.

to fight for those who can't speak for themselves - the powerless, the down-trodden, the hurt, the sick.  yet i also feel so powerless against all those already in power.  why can't they realize that their decisions affect more and more people every moment they make a decision for others?  I've seen this in others; I've seen this in myself.  it would have a been a very peaceful world had we not let greed and pride get the better of us.

the wars being fought left and right nowadays, i wish they would all stop.  reasons are so muddled up already, passed on from generation to generation.  instead of releasing the pain, they propagate and enlarge it and even creating and adding something new.  instead of being able to breath freely, we contract in anger and fear.  always on the defensive, never ever able to be who we are, losing ourselves, fighting with others and with our very selves.

if we would all just take the time to listen to each other and understand each other, we would better understand others and ourselves. this statement has been said many times, but most of the time never done.  in such a world such us ours, billions upon billions, each with a voice.  and imagine the whole universe, possibly inhabited by more and more galaxies. Everybody wants to be heard. Everybody wants to be acknowledged.  Everybody wants to be loved and cherished.  the basis of this longing, i realized deep in myself, is Love.  Just that.

Love. Belonging. Being. Creating. Sharing. Receiving. Acknowledging. and back to Love.

i still hold to the ideal that integrity, humility, kindness, wisdom, courage, strength and altruism still lives in all of us, each of us capable of contributing to the greater good in our own ways.

and when i see children, i still pray and hope that their hearts will grow with love, as they live each day and moment as we all do.  Despite all the traumas and painful experiences that they live through, that they still find in themselves Love and their own Voice, Fire and Being.  That they won't live to hurt others back anymore, but rather, set themselves free from the suffering of anger and pain, and live their lives more fully - without delusion and confusion - with clarity, peace and stability.

i still dream this for humanity.

i still dream that i am capable and can do something to help humanity.    

May i courageously rise up, taking each step of my chosen path and calling.

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