Saturday, December 05, 2009

My Heart and Soul aches
Reaching its arms out,
To love deeply and intimately,
To love one, many and all.

Nameless Face,
Unseen Beauty,
Warm and Loving Soul,
My Heart and Soul seeks for Thee.

In each day, I learn in retrospect,
Finding Peace and Contentment,
Yet also having this unrequited longing,
To finally meet Thee one day.

In some way still seeking,
for the one Piece that i seem to be missing.
Not anymore of just myself,
but a part of my boundless Soul.

Where are You?
Are You waiting too?
May the Universe, the Highest Power, hear Us,
And may in their perfect timing, we be brought to meet in all the right details:
right time, right place, right moment.
And may We be allowed to live together in completeness,
In Light, in Peace, in Love.
And may We live on and on,
Our Souls never broken and torn apart from each other forevermore,
all throughout Eternity.