Sunday, June 27, 2004

Our June 26, 2004 Get Together at Somethin' Fishy, Eastwood. :)

Here they are! :) Hahaha! :)

Of course, what i have uploaded here is the 1024 x 768 size of our pics. :) if you want the 2272 x 1704 size of the pics, email me at or

Just click on the pics to view the 1024x768 pics. :) Those presented on the page are just the 400 x something size, so it is much smaller than it should really be. :) Okay. :)

don't forget, :) That's me! :)

I really hope that we could get together again sometime. :) I really like get togethers, especially since it means that i get to go out more, and i get to be with friends more. :)

Miss you guys! :) sige, sige, sa UULITIN. Dong ah, organize ka uli sometime in the near future! :) (very near future... December?:))

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Nics and Daph, take two! :) Posted by Hello
Nics and Daph, take one! Posted by Hello
What are smiling about? :) joke. :) sarap ka lokohin. :) Posted by Hello
Grace, Dong, and ehem... Mr. Late Louie. :)  Posted by Hello
And the three of them again, with me taking the pic. :) Posted by Hello
Nics, Mi and Daph -- their self-snapshot. :) Posted by Hello
Chard and me, take two! with more smiles. :) Posted by Hello
Chard and me, take one! :) Posted by Hello
Me and Benj. :)  Posted by Hello
Dong and me, AGAIN. :) Posted by Hello
Serious "Daddy" Texting. :o hehe joke joke. :) Posted by Hello
Nics, Mimi and Daph. The Ateneans. :) Posted by Hello
Dong and me. :) Posted by Hello
Nics and Me, yup, ibang tao na ang kumuha. :) Posted by Hello
Nics and me -- may pagka close up. :) hehe :)  Posted by Hello
Me and Daph! Hi bestfriend! :)  Posted by Hello
The Mimi and Me. :) Posted by Hello
Chard and Dong, shot number 2! Posted by Hello
How sweet naman! :) Mommy and Daddy together! joke lang. :) Posted by Hello
Da girls of the party! :) Left to right: Dong, Nics, Mi, Grace and Daph! :) Posted by Hello
Chard and Dong. Of course. :) Posted by Hello
Yippee! Here we are! :) Dong, Mimi, Benj, Me, Chard, Nics and Daph! :) At Somethin' Fishy! At Eastwood :) June 26, 2004. What a Saturday. :) Posted by Hello
Caleb, Dong, and the fishies?  Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Do you want copies of the original pics?

Just email me through the message that informed you about this page. :)
Jo and the 2 Michelles! :) Michelle kabarkada and Michelle bestfriend, three friends altogether. :) Posted by Hello
Michelle 1 and Jo, 2. :) Posted by Hello