Thursday, May 10, 2012

From Sayonara Piano Sonata(online manga):

"We throw things out because we don't want to see them.

Things. People. Relationships.

Anything. And Everything.

If we don't throw it out, we can't run away from it, and we can't go on living.

If we don't throw it out, the weight will keep us from moving forward. Even if we realize later that it was important to us.

So we throw out the things that we don't need. And over time, the things that we really did need that we threw out start piling up, and create this Mountain which became the end of the world. That is why i have to get it back.

Destroying it only takes a moment. However, you do not know if your destruction of it will create the perfection you desire. But though you love it, it must be destroyed.

People say goodbye. People get divorced. People run away from their instruments.

If you don't discard these painful things, nothing can be perfect.

Now I understand that this is the way the world works sometimes.

Now I understand just how much i needed it."