Sunday, January 29, 2012

We can't deny the inner turmoil in our hearts. We can choose to see it as something else. But it only lengthens the suffering, and we do things that hurt others and ourselves. So in the end, no matter how painful, the truth prevails, and we are once again humbled and remember our humanity. and yet, we will grow gracefully through these moments and experiences when we finally learn to let go and accept the uncontrollable parts of life. And something new is waiting just around the bend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Rubik Cube's Wisdom

- Life can break apart and scatter all around(even while in our hands), losing what has been "normal".  but you can put it back from scratch, just the way you want it to be. the past will still be a part of you, but what broke you in the present, can help you build your future, if you do your best to try.
- If you are not even willing to risk a move to try at all, you'll always regret getting stuck, as you try to answer a million what-ifs, and realize you wasted so much precious time waiting in fear. so just relax, don't rush, give it a little time to think(but not too much time), and then take the plunge. you'll always know it, when you take the time to listen to yourself.
- Be flexible. When it doesn't work one way, look around, and try again.  There is vast potential in each of us, in each part of our personhood and our life. Each piece can be moved and utilized, to make way and then firmly take its place - both finitely and infinitely.
- It's okay to be different and not be perfect. We have many colors, personalities, abilities, skills, variations and combinations. Not one of us can be completely the same as any other. We are able to mimic, but there will always be something different.  We are Human - each one still equally unique, not one better than the other.
- Even when everything is not in place, sometimes, it is just perfect just as it is.
- Learn to let go. If you don't put it down, you won't be able to move forward and do something else.
- The perfect and imperfect, the good and bad, goes hand in hand, together.  you make good use of them, learn from them, to get to where you chose to go.
- Life and the Cube are very much alike - it all falls in our hands what we choose to do with it.

Monday, January 16, 2012

To bring a smile despite tears.
To shine a ray of hope despite the darkness and confusion.
To share the warmth and kindness of love.
To touch a single heart,
in our own way,
a moment at a time,
also moves a hundred and thousand more
further down the line.

January 13, 2012

my heart stirs to the melody
of songs that make my heart take flight.
i want to leave this heavy body behind
and soar in the lightness of being.

i want to hide,
run away,
shout out
release all these tension and anger!

with a step forward,
floating from that light force,
as if jumping towards the sky,
with no such effort at all.

spreading my arms, 
as if wings spring forth from my back,
carrying me further and higher,
somewhere endless, infinte, unbounded.

and in that peace,
i fall asleep.
with a smile on my face,
i will live once more.


Hi Ellen. :) when you asked about my blog, i just realized that i have not posted to blogger the mini thoughts that i've written and posted in fb. :) i've been writing something something at home, and i might have copied them there.  but still, i might not have been able to update that a lot too. :) my "writings" are all over the place.  but i hope to compile them all - from the time i started writing up to present.

*ah, the OC bug wants me to find every little one NOW, but that's like going to take a whole lifetime and a whole lot of decluttering - physically, in my environment, and even in the world wide web. :D  it's not impossible, but i guess some are already where they are meant to be - at a friend's memory(ies), in an old notebook i've kept somewhere, in my cellphone SentBox(sent to somebody special), somewhere in the universe,in space and time that i might not able to reach. but their existence still lives, just that i can't find them anymore. :D  okay, letting go. :) will find them when i find them, as long as i don't let them flow back into the stream of keeping them all over and all around. hehehe :D *

here's a mini collection.  :) i listed what i found on fb by date. :)

Every corner of the world is the dream of Home. 
When hearts are free and souls soar. 
Even in silence, laughter and happiness roars. 
Every thing just right, perfect as they are. 
All these, when we finally open our heart's doors. 
Be free. Be Thee. Rise. Begin. Be.

I love music, i love books, i love writing, i love languages. they make me smile. i know what and who i love. you know why? because they make me smile. Just the way they are, just as they are. :)

my body is here. but my heart and soul have been somewhere else. it hurts to be brought back. yearning for the wings.... yearning for flight.... yearning for the expanse.... stepping out, opening and stretching your arms out wide, free to be...

Nov30, 2011
i am thankful for the existence of Love that helps us open up to be the best that we can be. :)

I miss my wings.... 
To fly high...
To my heart's content...
Never lost....
always exploring....
Hands outstretched...
Ready for anything....
Through the Boundless Eternity.
I just fly,
and my heart opens up
as vast as the sky and the universe above,
as deep as the oceans by my feet.

May we remember to fly.
Fly light.
May the wind carry us lost wings,
to wherever we should be headed.

Oct20, 2011
we live our lives thinking we will live forever. we forget that we are just living on borrowed time.

There are those whose smile can make the stress just go away.
There are those whose touch can make the heart go okay. 
There are those whose mere presence make it possible to live each day.

Thank you to all those people. ;) 

especially to all the people that i have a hard time expressing myself to. :)
You are all very much appreciated. :)

lessons from a rubik's cube:
1. there is a solution for everything.
2. When you can't find an answer, take the time to step back - it is both a risk and an opportunity.
3. In due time, the answer will come to you, not as you first expected, and it will fall into its place perfectly. :)

I get easily swayed by my feelings.
What makes me happy,
What makes me sad.
I can feel these deeply when i have them.

I realized that there is nothing wrong with it.
I am glad that i am still deeply connected to my Self.
I am being honest to my Self, to who I am.
I haven't lost myself.

With that,
Tears welled up in my eyes.
I cried. I also smiled.
I can still be me.

Every day, every moment, we face a crossroad. We can move forward, go back, turn right, turn left, or just turn to where we want to head to.

Sep11, 2011
I speak to myself:
To My Heart,
To My Soul,
I open my Self.
Let not my physical limits stop me.
Let me break free.
Knowing and Feeling,
With Certainty, amidst Uncertainty,
That I am not alone.
That I am Good.
That I am Enough.
That I am Free to be Alive.

the world becomes how we choose to see it. sure, it will never be perfect. but we definitely have a choice on how we will live at the present. and that is the point where possibilities come, because we finally open up, instead of being repressed and bitter. to be finally free, by our own hands.

constantly watching and bringing myself back from the world of dreams, reality and the in-between.

Aug19, 2011
We are all striving for our Humanity. May we all find it in due course. May we live our Journey with Peace in our Hearts. I wish you all Peace.

Aug2, 2011
I will not Sleep through my Life anymore.

I will Live my Dreams.

i am so alive in my mind and in my dreams,
That living in the world of Wakefulness
Seems like being encaged in one's own Invisible prison.

Yet, Once I am Awake,
Walking and Living Among everyone else in Reality,
The Mind and My Dreams
can either be Chains that hold me back in,
or Keys towards setting myself free.

July24, 2011
these four walls,
both familiar and foreign.
Watching through various lenses,
Ever changing with Time's passage.

One day, i shall See clearly,
with Mine own Eyes,
Mine own Heart and Mind,
Mine own Soul, Mine own Being.


Am thankful for the blessings. It's not just luck or good fortune. Somebody is watching over me and the people that i love every moment. :) Thank you. :)