Wednesday, March 09, 2005

a little "sharing" ? :)

Hello! :) Sorry, i forgot to indicate the date when the pictures were taken. :) hehe :) Ang hirap i-upload, dahil ang bagal ng connection ko. :) Buti na lang unlimited yung dial up, but still, dial up pa rin. :) but anyway, i did get to post it na rin diba? :) Ellen, ayan na grad pics ko ah. :) hehe :)

Whew! :) Well, you know that the first few pics are those of our "out" day celebration with Drew nung March 3 at Cafe Provencial (tama ba?) at Shangri-la Mall. the single picture there was with my brother's ninong and ninang - the celebration was for Lolo Cuenca's birthday last Feb. 17. the succeeding pictures after that are the pictures from my graduation just this Feb. 5 at PICC. :)

I guess this would be enough to describe or at least give some info on the pictures. :) hehe :)

Right now, i am eating the "Choco Chino" product/dessert that my brother's group is selling for their practicum thing... :) It's a Management project or equivalent to our thesis, i guess. :) hehe :) What a good midnight snack! :) hehe :) My brother said, "Pig out time!" oh well.... :)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Success! :) me, Drew and Carlo! :) Posted by Hello
Third try! :) Well, we got a pic of all three of us, but i was trying to take the rosary out of the pic. :) Posted by Hello
Second try. well, at least now i got half of my face into the picture! :) Posted by Hello
Trying to get a pic in Carlo's car. First try. :) Carlo, ano nangyari sa mata mo? :o Posted by Hello
Ellen and Wayne. :) I was sitting with them, but hey, somebody's gotta take the picture. :)  Posted by Hello
Happy together! :) hehe :) Johnny and Che. :) Posted by Hello
At Ice Monster, for "dessert": Ad, Drew and Carlo. :) Posted by Hello
At the merry go around Pic 2. :) Posted by Hello
At the merry go arouond. :) Pic 1. ;) Posted by Hello
Drew, ano ginagawa mo? Nagpaparamdam kay Carlo?  Posted by Hello
I'm in this group pic! :) Standing left to right: Carlo, Johnny, Che and me. Sitted left to right: Ellen, Drew, Ad, and Wayne. Posted by Hello
Another group pic, without me. :) Standing left to right: Carlo (having a hard time standing under the light/lamp), Johnny, Che. Sitted left to right: Ellen, Drew(what a face!), Ad, and Wayne. :) Posted by Hello
I thought i positioned the camera well... :) But well,at least we're all in the pic. :) Standing, L to R: me, Drew(!), Wayne and Ad. Sitting, L to R: Carlo, Che, Johnny, and Ellen! :) Posted by Hello
March 3, Drew's bday! :) and here we were at Shang. :) Here's Ad and Wayne! :) Posted by Hello
Standing: Aunt Loudette. Sitted, L to R: Uncle George, Papa, Mama, Gennet and Elbert. :) I was taking the photo then. ;) Posted by Hello
Mama and me, before me, my dad, sis and brother left home for the graduation. :) We're both happy that i am graduating at last. :) Posted by Hello
Vlamir with a proud Uncle Vic. :) Posted by Hello
Papa, Elbert, Me and Achi. :) sayang di naka--attend si mama. :( kulang kasi ticket eh. Posted by Hello
Janice and Vlamir. :)  Posted by Hello
With family friend, Vlamir and Uncle Vic, my dad and me!:)  Posted by Hello
Dianne Ocampo and me. Parang sobra yata naming puti! :) hehe :) or masyado lang malakas yung flash ng camera ko? :) hehe :) Posted by Hello
Me and Nikki! :)  Posted by Hello
Top, L to R: Kathy, Inna, and Eric. Middle: Kittie. Last row, L to R: me and Elle. Posted by Hello
Au and Bic! :) Posted by Hello
Bic(Marivic) and Grace. :) Thanks for being a good friend and groupmate to me. :)  Posted by Hello