Wednesday, March 09, 2005

a little "sharing" ? :)

Hello! :) Sorry, i forgot to indicate the date when the pictures were taken. :) hehe :) Ang hirap i-upload, dahil ang bagal ng connection ko. :) Buti na lang unlimited yung dial up, but still, dial up pa rin. :) but anyway, i did get to post it na rin diba? :) Ellen, ayan na grad pics ko ah. :) hehe :)

Whew! :) Well, you know that the first few pics are those of our "out" day celebration with Drew nung March 3 at Cafe Provencial (tama ba?) at Shangri-la Mall. the single picture there was with my brother's ninong and ninang - the celebration was for Lolo Cuenca's birthday last Feb. 17. the succeeding pictures after that are the pictures from my graduation just this Feb. 5 at PICC. :)

I guess this would be enough to describe or at least give some info on the pictures. :) hehe :)

Right now, i am eating the "Choco Chino" product/dessert that my brother's group is selling for their practicum thing... :) It's a Management project or equivalent to our thesis, i guess. :) hehe :) What a good midnight snack! :) hehe :) My brother said, "Pig out time!" oh well.... :)

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