Friday, February 27, 2009

"A part of me feels happy,
proud of myself even.
Yet a part also feels tired,
wanting to sleep more than one is required."


Writing will flow once i start to let go of my mind, to let go of the egoistic heart, and reach deeper into the soul. into something seemingly non-existent, definitely intangible, yet nothing but of true value and worth.

It has so much been a yearning to write. but my mind would always think of what others would think and i would write that out, instead of what i really want to express. When i start to write because it just flows from deep within me, that is what will be of importance, filled of my emotions and intentions, filled with my own. I have know such instances, as i have written like so before. Yet, i have to once again rediscover it. and if not, learn to strip away all the pretensions that are acting as my obstructions, and be able to just be. No tugging, no pressure. No fear, no rejection. Nothing good nor bad, but just AM. To touch the center, the core - My Center and My Core - My Being. Be free of the notion of time and space, and retain that of only Being, present in awareness, presence and awareness. Be.

I yearn to be. I long to be. For I to be...
Why do i run after thee?
When they say that you are already inside of me...
They ask me the same question,
and so do I.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I smiled at the moon,
and winked at the sun.
Gazing at the vast expanse
Of time and space.

I wish i can speak
the language of the stars.
Bright up there in the night sky,
As i look up and feel their presence.

Is this how the Universe is like,
With neither End nor Beginning?
Calm and One.
No fear, but Be.