Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's another year - it's now 2006, and am just 3, no, 2 years away from being 26.... :)

Hi there! Yes, I haven't been updating my blog for the past, let's see, 3 months? :) I'm so sorry. :)
It's just that I can't even view my blog here and I don't like not being able to preview what i typed in or the pictures that i uploaded. so i used while i'm here. :) if you want to see the pictures, please send me an email. :) I know, i used to email you guys the link. but lately, i have been dazed with the uploading and the emailing. hehe :)

Well, during September, of course, we have just started classes here. October, i was able to spend my birthday here with my classmates. November, went on a week-long trip with classmates and the rest of the other classes in the Intensive Studies Department. :) December, my cousin and I moved into the new school dorm since it is warmer and cleaner and better (though smaller) than the dorm we stayed from September to December 15. :) We were lucky that my 2 japanese friends, Yukari and Azumi, helped us out in moving our stuff from the old dorm to the new dorm. :) Of course, i also spent December 23 with my classmates to celebrate christmas - dinner and then karaoke. :) December 25, and December 31, we spent with some Fil-Chi Friends we met here. January 1, just stayed in since we were super tired since we slept around 3am. we also watched a heart wrenching film that made me cry. :) January 2, we checked out some apartments in the area that we are interested in moving into this coming term. January 3, we stayed in, had late lunch/early dinner ("lunner" as my cousin and i called it) before we watched another movie that made us cry. :) hehe :) after that, we accompanied our prospective 5th roommate for next term to see the place that my cousin's place is living in. It is really nice there - looks so homey and the bathroom! - i love the bathroom or should i say, we love the bathroom. It is fully furnished and it is cheaper compared to the dorm and the other apartments we have asked/visited so far. the only thing is, it is farther away from school, but it is a 10-minute bus ride, but i guess it's not that bad, if you think about it. :) but we will still be looking at some other rooms in the next couple of days. :) but i guess that THAT room is already in the top of our list (actually, yesterday, we had a different room at heart, but after going to my cousin's friend's place for the 2nd time, my heart wanted THAT room). even the prospective roomie wanted THAT room better than the one she saw this afternoon - at least, 3 out of 5 wants THE room. 2 out of 5 is not here in beijing now, so i guess, the 3 of us will decide. :) hehe :)

well, that's just about it. :) i'm just trying to use up the remaining internet time for the month of december (i chose the 120 hours per month, and we have like 20+ hours left to use up up to today, january 4[they sort of made an extension or something like that]). :) Just making the most out of what i, ehem my parents, paid for. :) hehe :)

I hope to see you all soon.... :) We will be leaving for Hong Kong on the 24th of January, then leaving HK for the Philippines on the 27th, in time for the chinese new year. :) and then be back in beijing around February 10 something. :)

see you all soon! :) keep in touch and let's meet up once i'm in the philippines. :) take care! :)