Friday, May 28, 2004

Daph, my best friend, and me, on our get-together at their place on April 2, 2004. :) Posted by Hello
Ma and Pa during May 27, their 25th wedding anniversary. We tried to surprise them, but oh well. Posted by Hello
Ma and Pa with A-um.  Posted by Hello
Me, Gennet, Elbert and A-um-another family friend.  Posted by Hello
Gennet by the library. Was she really reading?  Posted by Hello
Look at Jeffrey! :) Posted by Hello
Family friends Aunt Rufina and Rosalyn.  Posted by Hello
Family Friends: (left to right) Achi Cindy, Jeffrey, and Ahia Albert. Posted by Hello
Last night with our dinner time servers at the dining room. They were really nice company. Top row, left: Zoltan(from Hungary), Gennet, Mariana(from Romania), Grace and Elbert. Seated: Ma and Pa. Posted by Hello
Elbert and Gennet during one of the slow stops of the cruise ship at College Fjord. Posted by Hello
Seventh day, at College Fjord. The day before the last day.  Posted by Hello
Glacier Bay... Posted by Hello
Cruising through Glacier Bay on the sixth day. Work after lunch.  Posted by Hello
The Matrix! haha! :) Posted by Hello
Last minute picture taking before we boarded the ship, after our "shopping" spree.  Posted by Hello
By the cruise ship, at Skagway. Posted by Hello
In the train. Left: Pa and Ma. Right: Elbert. See them? Gennet and I were outside then, looking at the majestic site. :) Posted by Hello
Nearing the top and the border of two countries. :) Posted by Hello
By the base of the mountain at Skagway, along the railroad route. Posted by Hello
The markers that proved we crossed borders. :) Posted by Hello
3rd stop, at Skagway, on the 5th day of the cruise. We took the railroad ride instead. From Skagway, Alaska(USA) to the Yukon (Canada). :)  Posted by Hello
Pa at Mendenhall Glacier. Posted by Hello
Elbert and Ma at Mendenhall Glacier. Posted by Hello
Gennet and Grace on horseback at Juneau, somewhere near Mendenhall Glacier. Pa, Ma and Elbert were dog-sledding somewhere else. Gennet and I were suppose to go dog-sledding the next day at Skagway as well, but then, mechanical problems arose and we didn't get to do so. :( Anyway, i had a sore body after the horse-back ride. Posted by Hello
Gennet and Grace before horseback ride at second stop, Juneau, on the 4th day. Posted by Hello