Monday, October 29, 2007

sacred timing...

and then safe but big accidental damage to the car i was driving today, at home, while parking, during the morning....

i wonder: are they interconnected? since all things and our lives are interconnected.

i wonder if i can even fathom to understand the depths of the truths of our universe.

just a thought.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

there are just so many things in life that open your eyes, your mind, your heart and your soul to a range of things and experiences, especially if you truly let them permeate through you as you open your heart to these experiences.

i actually took this day off as a personal leave to accompany my dad for a doctor's check-up. He wasn't feeling well - dizziness and vomiting - since monday. anyway, it was also a good idea for me since i still have this headache a whole week long. it felt great to just wake up later than usual and stay at home. I wondered, "will i ever get a job that would allow me to work from home, at my own time?" Hehe :) i'm pretty sure there are.

i am invited to stay over at Laguna for an evening. but how to get there is the problem since my dad doesn't agree with me driving there myself, even with a companion. i would really want to drive somewhere on my own. but anyway, what's more important is that i get there. so if i would need to borrow our driver for those two days, well, i guess it wouldn't be a bad idea. and i wouldn't even have to tire myself driving. of course, the experience of driving and getting there alone or with my friend, would be the best experience. :) but in a way, i am glad that i didn't push the idea too much. told myself, " i will just wait and see." i also emailed my friend about it - been too idealistic and over-optimistic. but i still hope that i'll be allowed to. :)

yes, i live too much in my mental world, as the outside world i see around me passes me by. i take note of them - really - well, most of them i guess. and experiences are kept deeply in my heart and mind, especially those that i treasure so. :)