Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Diane, waiting for food from my mom, a.k.a. Lola Superior. :D hehehe :)  Posted by Hello
She's posing. :) Posted by Hello
Haha :) I guess she's having fun! :) Posted by Hello
Master/Mother, are you coming? I'm here! :) Posted by Hello
Hmmm.... Somebody's coming..... Posted by Hello
Hehe, she says. :) Posted by Hello
And still biting. :) Posted by Hello
Hihihihi!!!! ouch!!! Posted by Hello
then groggy.... Posted by Hello
She's biting.... Posted by Hello
Up, Diane! :) Posted by Hello
My sister still trying to get Diane's attention. hehe :) Posted by Hello
Hmmpphhh.... Posted by Hello
On a heart. :) My sister trying to get her attention so that we could get a pic of her. :) Posted by Hello
I think this is her "Huh" pose. :) Posted by Hello
Diane, are you falling asleep? Hey, that's my bed! Posted by Hello
Diane on my bed. :) After a bath that is. :) Posted by Hello
My mom petting Diane with my sis by her side. :) We thought mama wouldn't like her, but look at them, my mom just loves her so much! :D Posted by Hello
My Diane by my side. :)  Posted by Hello
Hmmm.... What's that thing? Posted by Hello
Lolo Elbert, ain't i cute? :) Posted by Hello
Doesn't she just melt your heart? :) Posted by Hello
Wanna play Diane? :) Posted by Hello
Naku!!!!! Our Adorable PET!!!!! :) Posted by Hello
Dianeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! She's so cute!!!! :) Posted by Hello