Thursday, August 26, 2004

so this is how it looks like now whenever i come over to work on our thesis. i kinda got used to it, working with two computers at a time. :)  Posted by Hello
This was my workspace before eric decided to move the other computer to my desk (well, since what i am doing doesn't work with XP but only with Server 2003). Posted by Hello
But i also took a pic of him working from the back view. :) Posted by Hello
this is eric trying to pose for a pic. :) haha :) He always brings his own CPU over to the office when we work. That's where all our thesis files are in. the docu part is in my laptop's hard drive. Posted by Hello
anyway, we decided to move the hot cubicle with the view, to a much cooler part of the office, though partly obstructed by the dividers. Posted by Hello
this is eric's workspace. :) see him working? :) of course, yours truly was taking pics then. :)  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


JCA Homecoming is moved to October 2! Same time and place. :)

See the entry below titled JCA HOMECOMING.

see you there! :)

Sunday, August 08, 2004

What a week! :)

Well, yes, I am home right now, waiting for the next showing of A Walk To Remember at HBO. Yeah.... I could have gone with my sister to watch Collateral but we had a little quarrel and i chose to stay behind because i don't want to feel guilty around her, going to a movie for free despite our spat, and i don't want us to have to scream at each other's faces. Although i know, it wouldn't have been nice to go, but then, this is the first decision i made, although i feel that i wanted to watch the movie with them, but then i am glad that i pushed through with my decision, and at least i spend the night in peace. :) I do get to think, watch tv, and of course surf the net without bickering with anyone. :)

Well, yes, i posted new pictures below. And i guess i came online again right now, because for the last few days, i have been wanting to write, but it is possible that i have been a little(is it just a little?) lazy. :) But i sure know that i did want to share with you the pictures of the new office building of BAR (Bureau of Agricultural Research), the company for which our thesis is for. :) The people there has really been good to us. :) They always helped us out. :) Yes, we will be delayed from graduating by another term, but it would be nice to spend time and to work with these people for another term. :) I hope that i would be able to show you guys a picture of the whole IT department. I am thinking of celebrating me and Eric's birthday (if he wants to) on October. Mine's on the 24th, and his is on the 4th. :) Let's just wait and see if it will push through. :)

I have also been working part-time at a non-profit organization called Tzu Chi, which is a Buddhist organization. :) I know most of the people who are working there already, because i have joined some of their activities for some time before, though i haven't been really an active and participative member. :) What i do there? Uhm, i do some simple work with the Access database with the data they are using, and i have to fixed the reports or the queries to fit the needs for a certain event/activity (Medical missions, reflection camps and such). :) Well, i do proofreading of the articles for their newsletter, and i edit some of the articles as well, if i am asked to; i also translated an article from Mandarin to English. :) I work under the supervision of Peggy, an IT professional, who has already been active in Tzu Chi while she was still working at Accenture, and i think even way before that - which means i also knew her before she worked for Tzu Chi, and before i worked part-time for Tzu Chi. :) I'm under her because i am a IT person as well, with regards to the course am taking. But she knows that my English is not bad, so she is making sure that it is put into good use, especially since she is also the editor of the organization's newsletter. :) Hehe :) Well, if i don't do those stuff, i am asked to go pick up this and that, or do these and that (post this into the excel file, text this person and that, help the Auntie or Uncle, or if there are other things that is needing attention that i can work on, they give it to me). I am working part-time, and at least i am of help. :) i don't really feel comfortable sitting there doing nothing. :) i want to keep myself busy, so i always ask for work. :)

Well, the pictures below was taken the day we did the moving from the old to the new building. :) we didn't get to work much on our thesis. :) But anyway, being able to move into the new building with the people we are with, was great, though really tiring since Eric and I moved the stuff we are using (those we own, and those that we are using that is the org's property). We had to go up and down the old and new building 5 times, and since that would be two buildings, we actually went up and down ten times that day. :) Well, the moving started after lunch. First, we moved our own stuff into the new building. Next, the chairs we sat and will be seating on. Third, Eric the monitor and i the CPU. When we went down after that, we stopped by to share a Twin Popsies since it was so hot and really tiring. Fourth, we moved the computer table(that with different layers for other stuff and such, you can see it in the first pic, at the rightmost) -- we really had a hard time with this. It was hard bringing it down, and was even harder carrying, or rather pulling at it laboriously, up the new building. I even ended up "squishing" my right leg when i was experimenting on how to pull the table up and forgot to lift my right leg up before i lift the table. But luckily, an "officemate" saw us having a hard time and helped us out. Lastly, for the fifth climb, we took the UPS we were using, as well as some keyboards, mouse and other stuff that we needed. But before our last climb up the new building, we stopped to share another Twin Popsies(chocolate flavored - the one before was melon flavored or something like that). :) Once upstairs, we tried fitting in the "table" into the space by the side of the cubicle we will be using. Well, we had to unscrew some of the layers of that table, but then when we were able to do that, Eric found and thought that it would be better if we moved in to the other side. But the table is connected to the divider. Anyway, Eric worked on moving the table and other stuff around. I didn't know what was in his mind, so i am just there to be his assistant. Well, we were assisted by Sir Ric, the IT department head. :) I was there to keep the table steady -- yup, as i said, an assistant. :) Well, you can see how their work came out. :) The pics below show the office we work in in the old building, the office cubicle in the new building before Eric worked on rearranging it, and the office cubicle after Eric's work. :) Very tiring, but fun. :)

Friday, went to work at Tzu Chi, after stopping by school to enroll for ITTHES2 (yes, since i am delayed for another term, which means i already failed ITTHES2 this term. Yup..... to those asking why/how, well, to put it shortly, our thesis adviser found that our thesis is not up to standard, and since we did have a problem in the group, and she knew about it. Well, she knows that Eric and I worked hard on the thesis, and i guess it is a chance for us to improve on our thesis with amore relaxed schedule, which means more time as well. :)) I didn't go to work Wednesday because i wasn't feeling good. Anyway, at Tzu Chi, they were busy with the last minute preparations for the 2-day activity this weekend. Anyway, after work, i watched the Gary Valenciano Concert, Thankful, with my high school friends, Benjamin and Diana Ong. I saw Jay Abola and Cha Espinar. :) Anyway, after the concert, we ate at Chowking and i got home around 1am. :) The Concert was great - not a dull moment. :) Oh, and the Jubilee Evangelical Hand Mimer group is there. :) In a way, i am proud to be a Jubilee alumni. :)

Saturday, went for my orthodontic appointment and for a panoramic x-ray in preparation for the surgical removal of four third molars that my orthodontist and dentists found that may end up destroying the pains and work taken to straighten up my teeth. :) Well, there wouldn't be much to that, but the thing is, i was the one driving from the time i left home to the time i got home. :) Of course, i didn't do the parking, but at least, i get to drive and practice. :) I didn't drive the "better" cars - i drove the delivery van. :) Well, beggars can't be choosers. :) But at least i know, i still remember how to drive. :) I just need more practice. Aside from my plan to diet and lose weight this year, i hope that i will be able to drive myself around by myself before the year ends. :) During the afternoon, i went to CCF for church and after that, we walked around Podium. I got home at around 10am and had a late dinner. :) But one thing i don't know why, is how come i felt so tired yesterday. My body was sore, and i feel so sleepy, my head throbbing. Of course, my legs also ached because of the driving. Anyway, when my head hit the pillow, i was asleep straight-away. :) I woke up today without the alarm buzzing. :)

Today, here i am, just watching tv, surfing the net and yes blogging. :) Anyway, got to get back to A Walk To Remember. :) It already started a while ago, but i just wanted to post this. :)

Laptop by the window, overlooking the avenue along which the new BAR office building now stands. :) At least we have a view. :) Posted by Hello
At the new office building, before Eric fixed it up. :) My laptop is already working.... downloading something that Eric wanted -- a SQL Server 2005 thing. :) Posted by Hello
Eric waving hello in the new office building by our working space before he "fixed" or moved things around. :)  Posted by Hello
Eric fixing something or looking for something while we were in the old building, in the IT room. :) Posted by Hello
Another part of the IT office at the old building. :) Posted by Hello
The table where we used to work on was placed here. :) This is part of the IT room where we worked at BAR's old building. :) The people there are very accommodating and friendly.  Posted by Hello
The "fixed" cubicle, at a different angle. :) We are thankful that we are given a working space with a view. :) Of course, where the laptop is placed is where i will be seated. :) Thanks to Eric, i won't be exposed to the sun too much. :) Posted by Hello
Our table space or working space cubicle at BAR's new office building after Eric has fixed it with Sir Ric (IT head), wanting it to be fixed and arranged for our programming needs. :) Posted by Hello