Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Rubik Cube's Wisdom

- Life can break apart and scatter all around(even while in our hands), losing what has been "normal".  but you can put it back from scratch, just the way you want it to be. the past will still be a part of you, but what broke you in the present, can help you build your future, if you do your best to try.
- If you are not even willing to risk a move to try at all, you'll always regret getting stuck, as you try to answer a million what-ifs, and realize you wasted so much precious time waiting in fear. so just relax, don't rush, give it a little time to think(but not too much time), and then take the plunge. you'll always know it, when you take the time to listen to yourself.
- Be flexible. When it doesn't work one way, look around, and try again.  There is vast potential in each of us, in each part of our personhood and our life. Each piece can be moved and utilized, to make way and then firmly take its place - both finitely and infinitely.
- It's okay to be different and not be perfect. We have many colors, personalities, abilities, skills, variations and combinations. Not one of us can be completely the same as any other. We are able to mimic, but there will always be something different.  We are Human - each one still equally unique, not one better than the other.
- Even when everything is not in place, sometimes, it is just perfect just as it is.
- Learn to let go. If you don't put it down, you won't be able to move forward and do something else.
- The perfect and imperfect, the good and bad, goes hand in hand, together.  you make good use of them, learn from them, to get to where you chose to go.
- Life and the Cube are very much alike - it all falls in our hands what we choose to do with it.

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