Saturday, March 17, 2012

i wish to cry for all those whose voices are not heard, for those whose souls cannot cry another drop because tears have run dry, for those that remained silent because of fear, for those whose broken lives forever sealed them shut from the world, for those whose heart,mind and soul chained in darkness.

In our highly-civilized world, so much discriminate acts of anger, hate, revenge, and inequality we inflict upon one another.  the higher one goes through the social class - those with greatest power and resources to influence change - do nothing.  the downtrodden fight their way back by force, yet swindled of their peace in the end.  a lot of us in the middle choose to stay there.  i am guilty of that as well.

i wish to be one of the voices speaking out... reaching out...  touching hearts, minds and souls...  changing lives....  sharing dreams....  spreading hope....  bringing people together... in peace and towards peace, and towards and into Love - greater than us that we have so much of it that the only way to live more is to give more of Love.

To remove borders and boundaries... to loosen the griphold.

how do we change a world?

i cried.  deeply within myself, i feel a pain, a hurt, a longing.  how do i quell such a deep sadness?

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