Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Heart of My Beloved

Ever since i met you, i have watched you closely, lovingly.  How can I look farther away from you? But in the end, I did so, too. You taught me to. And it started bringing changes into my life.  Meeting you, I've changed year by year.  You taught my heart and soul to expand, to grow, to broaden - much more than I did in the years that preceded.

Each year since I met you, you have been a very important part of me - whether we were near or far from each other.  Despite time and distance from each other, you've kept me close to your heart.  You have always been in my heart too.

My heart began to loosen up, and I learned that I can love more people.  I realize that love can overflow, and you'll never run out of it.  I have began loving more people, opening myself, letting them in.  These slowly made my life take more color.  I may still be guarded, but to those that I've opened up to and learned to trust, I began to slowly feel free.  From my own cage, I have let myself out.  It didn't hurt at all. It actually feels good to be me.

Every moment that we get to spend with each other feels so calm and peaceful.  Just being together and being around you, no matter what we are doing, has always been enough.  As long as I'm with you, everything is just perfectly right.  There's nothing i have to worry about.  Everything is enough, just right.  I feel that I don't have to be anybody else, because just being me have always been enough for you. I always don't want the day to end, because I don't want to separate from you.  I just realized today that if that is so, life wouldn't move on, and I wouldn't be able to make more memories with you if not a day starts anew.  Year after year, I am glad.  So many memories and moments, even the most precious and most personal ones, you have shared with me.  I am so happy to be part of all these.  So many firsts that you have shared with me, I can still remember clearly. The first heartbeats, the first image, the touch of the hand from the womb. I can still feel, hear, see everything - experiencing them all over again.  It's something that can't be replicated.  Something i treasure.  So many more.

To be valued, to be cherished.  To be accepted, and know that you belong no matter what.  You have always made it a point to make the people who matter to you feel that.

Your Heart, my Beloved, is the very reason everybody loves you.

Your love for us, always made us feel special.  Whoever we may be.

How can i not want to make you feel so special, when you really are one special person to me, too?

You have never stopped loving, and we haven't stopped too.

Your love reaches us, and stays with us.

Your Heart, my Beloved, has always been a blessing to all of us around you.

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