Sunday, April 12, 2009

a while ago, i was just reminiscing..... of what i've learned - how to handle myself in certain situations, meeting with new people, learning to get along with myself better... stuff like that.... what a roller coaster ride, in some ways, and it was fun. if it wasn't, well, it was worth learning from - because i learned a lot and now know how to take care of myself if a similar circumstance arises in the now and the future. experiences definitely are worth cherishing, and worth learning from. some may leave good memories with us, others sort of embarrassing, but still, a lesson can be learned, as long as we are ready to take it.

mind is pretty empty and calm now.... but at one point during the evening,it was like there was this pulsating feeling in me, wanting to go deeper and further into myself.... i wanted to cry.... but i don't really know why anymore.... i just wanted to reach in...... there is more.... but that is just it.... i am unable to reach it yet.... spending more and more quiet time with myself - i seem to want this. i have been spending quiet time, meditation time, for myself, during the past few evenings. today, a part inside of me really wanted to, as if it was able to reach out during those sessions with myself. of course, i didn't do so tonight, because i was processing why i was having these thoughts. and at times i felt like i just want my mind to blow up, into nothingness.... can the call to meditate be addicting? i don't know. but for the past few days, it called to me, and i just followed - at the same time praying and sending energies of love and healing to people i care for and to the people of the world.

anyway, at this time, i must go to sleep, even if i don't really feel sleepy at all. vacation time has ended once again, and tomorrow is another day of work. not that i totally hate it, nor do i totally love it. anyway, will try to sleep.

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