Friday, July 13, 2007

I always feel "restless" whenever i don't do anything - like just watch tv. Tv cannot occupy my mind anymore, as it was able to do so before. Now, i can just turn it off, and i go looking for other ways to curb my thinking. Now, what can i do?

Blog.... hehe :) once i get to the computer, it's kinda hard to bring all those thoughts. they are there, for sure, but to say them out... haha :) their my own.... no need for you guys to know. :) hahaha :) or else i'll end up being paranoid again. :) ahahahha :) now, can you see? i'm going crazy! bwahahahahaha :)

setting that aside, i guess i'll just go read. it did help me calm down last night. :) though waking up early in the morning (4am) is something else - and it took me some time before i was able to go back to sleep.

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