Monday, July 16, 2007

Hmmm... a thought just came into mind. isn't there something like you'll know what a person is like base on their trash or the stuff they collect? Hmmm... how about me? :) hehe :) i mean, it just shows a part of oneself, and not a whole picture of a person.

this thought came into mind when i was checking my gmail account, and remembered that i have like 400 something Chicken Soup stories sent through email that i don't even take time to read anymore, but i don't delete them either. Haha :) it seems like trash, but i just can't make myself to delete them yet. :)

Let's see, over the years i have collected books, notebooks, pens(used up - yeah, i don't know why.), stuffed toys(for sentimental reasons, but i gave most of them away just a year back - whatever my heart can stand to let go), paper that i have written stuff on (for obvious reasons - though i don't know where i kept most of them), coins(by year, by denomination, and depends on the country, and if i have the "supply".), CDs(classical and anime), VCDs/DVDs(anime and movies), stuff/memorabilia that have some significance to me because it reminds me of someone special to me or some special event (though i wonder if i will always remember). I'm pretty sure i have a lot of other stuff "stuffed" somewhere else that i have forgotten about. :) hehe :) oh, and stuff that i find while "cleaning out my closet" and decided to keep but ended up keeping for another long period of time, forgotten until the next cleaning. :) haha :) but these are the most obvious ones that i do see of in myself. :) for others they may be considered trash, but not for me. :) well, that's how i think. :)

i wonder - where does this "blog" stand? :) hehe :) i believe i have hundreds of entries here by now (really, grace?) :) hehe :)

of course, we wouldn't be obviously looking at other people's stuff (yeah, their trash is still their stuff until at the garbage dump). But i would always end up observing - i don't mind taking the time to do so. :) i already think a lot anyway. :) hehe :) for me, observing is sort of something that i do naturally. Of course, it's selective observation. it's my quirk, and we all have that. :) hehe :) of course, why observe something you don't have interest in? :) there are just some things that other people notice but just goes by me, and vice versa. :) so when somebody points something particular to me that i wasn't really looking at, i'm like, "what? where?", and it will take me some time (like forever) until i find it or i'll just give up and let it go.

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