Sunday, September 02, 2007

yup, just a change in the template. nothing quite radical, of course, something i wish i could just do in my life. but yeah, rushing into things was never really my thing, unless i really wanted it.

write write write.... should i continue writing? i know i should. yet i guess i always stopped myself from writing whatever is in my mind, since i always think of my audience. will it click? etc etc etc... i mean, i know that writing should express who i am, but i guess, i just always wondered if people will even want to read it. or is it because i am just not "putting it out there", that's why nobody is reading? well, i guess i'll never know unless i try it out. actually, just a while ago, and whiles ago, i would have an idea to write about, but then i would always put it off until i finally end up not really wanting to write about it or do it at all anymore. i guess it goes with other stuff that i actually want to do but end up putting off because i think too much about it. there, i've said it as well.... thinking... makes me put off what i want to do.

like at this very moment, i am having a drink. yes, a drink. if it were and is another time, i guess i would have put it off. i want to drink, nothing wrong with that. and am home. nobody to hurt. just me relaxing, watching, blogging... right? right. and here i am, right in front of the computer, typing away, trying to finish this awful tasting 2005 Shiraz Cabernet that was brought home. well, actually, i guess i am trying to make it not sound that bad, but well, it's not really that bad, it just tastes bland, as i commented the first time i tasted it. although drinking it now, well, i just wanted to drink it because i want to drink something. i just felt like drinking something. good or bad, guess i can't really choose right now, can i? of course, it also means that i'll try finishing this glass that i poured for myself. i wonder why i decided to still pour myself one even if i knew how it tasted... ahh... i was thinking of adding something special, to spike it up... but sadly, i can't really get to that special stuff right now.... so, next time, i guess.

hmmm... typing about this now... i think i am trying to be "out".... being bold. probably i can do so as well because i know that only a selected few will be taking the time reading is. and i guess some occasional "visitors" who would happen to chance upon my blog. but other than that, my blog is almost virtually non-existent to the world at large.

anyway.... drink i shall... and then watch something like Miami Ink, as i wait to get my room back by midnight.

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