Saturday, September 22, 2007

Things i still want to do in my lifetime

1. travel travel travel
2. watch the stars in the night sky(got to get a telescope first, for stargazing)
3. write
4. go for long drives to far off places, either alone or with someone special.
5. learn to cook (i do want to... though i like to eat better)
6. to get back the innocence of being a child - the child in me
7. to have faith in something bigger in me and in the world around us
8. to try more things (food, etc -> new experiences)
9. to own my own place somewhere remote
10. to laugh some more
11. to make more people laugh and feel good
12. take good pictures
13. be with nature... the sea, the sun, the forest, the falls, the rivers....
14. ah, own my car
15. have my own library
16. have a book i have written published in my lifetime(!?!)
17. be more open, meet new people
18. have fun
19. smile
20. enjoy being me - no more hiding
21. have my own movie theater
22. save a life or two - or the world if i can (there's nothing wrong about dreaming.)
23. my poems into music lyrics (yes, let's dream.)
24. to feel at peace with myself - my decisions, my feelings
25. ...

i'm pretty sure there are something else that i just can't think of right now. :)

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