Saturday, April 21, 2012

Prim and Proper...

the world of dreams and the world of thoughts are sometimes the best places to stay in, have we not have to come back to our bodies.  Anything is possible in the world.  Every inhibition released. Every fear conquered.  We can be who we are, and who we want to be.  We can run free, because we remove all obstructions.  Even if there are obstructions, we are able to get past them.  Such is the power.  But alas, whenever we open our eyes, and realize that we are back in the world of Physical structures, we feel tied down.  Tied down by unseen forces, as intangible as our thoughts.  Our very thoughts can be the very chains that prevents us from moving.  Fear.

I live my life within the lines of prim and proper.  Most of us are brought up that way.  Within our civil society, we act the way we were taught.  If we are out of line, we are rebuked, criticized, and re-taught.  Just to keep us in place.  In line to please everybody else.

I talk to myself thinking,"but this is just to show respect and equality to others".  Is it really that way?  If i am not as society sees fit, but i am not doing anything wrong to hurt anybody, will i not be treated with respect and equality?  we already know the answer to that.

Has our education really been there to improve us, or was it just to keep us within bounds, at a leash?  Conditioning?

If we were to live a simple life, free of the complexities of a prim and proper society, i wonder how it will be like. WIthout all the written and unwritten rules and beliefs.  With knowledge, we can end up creating more opportunities, or more barriers.  Usually, they are usually opportunities that causes barriers to everyone else.

as with every single moment, every single day, I wonder when will it be time that I will choose to be me.  I pray and wish that i can be allowed to be.  But i know that there are so many repercussions to such an action.  Do i really need to go away from here, so that i can be free to be myself?  Am i just deluding and disillusioning myself? Or is it really possible?  Or am i just thinking too much, hoping that my ideal and perfect world can actually come into reality?  I wish to consolidate both together.  I want to make it possible in both worlds, because i exist in both worlds.  Because I exist.  Is there any other reason to be?

I believe at some point in our lives, we did live as we are.  as we gained more, we wore them.  we bragged. we became insecure. to be seen as perfect and "valuable", we decided to live prim and proper so as to be accepted.  to keep a sense of security that we will not be thrown out and set aside towards the outskirts.  It is a universal truth that learning more doesn't mean you're better than others. Knowledge without wisdom is deadly to our Existence and our Universe, to our Being.  Wisdom is hardest to gain, because we have been taught to be afraid, to only stick to what knowledge taught us. So we end up with just one-sided understanding.  What does it really mean to understand oneself and others?  Even understanding can be different because of our differing perceptions.  The only way to break through this, is to truly open and broaden our hearts and minds - towards whatever is unknown to us.  Because when we reach towards the unknown, we come to tap into something vast and new.  the Unknown becomes Known, and we continue on growing.  Our hearts and minds can handle it. We will not lose ourselves.  It is possible.  Our souls are as vast as our Universe and knows no bounds, even if we are physically limited in so many ways.

I do wish we can all live simply, truthfully, honestly.  That we live prim and proper not because we have to please the people around us so that we will be accepted into the status quo and be treated equally. That we live prim and proper because we do so out of our own free will, with true respect for others and for ourselves, regardless of who we are, what are level in society is, what our race, our religion, our educational and financial levels be.   We are nice because we truly are, not because we need to be.


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