Sunday, September 20, 2009

do you sometimes feel stuck in your body? does your soul feel that it is jailed inside its physical vessel? it feels like that at times.

time seems to be moving on. not that i am not glad to be alive, after needing a platelet transfusion because of dengue. well, that is how time is. silly me. :))

but you know, for you and me, it seems like we're not getting old and such. but now, when i see my nephew grow bigger and taller each day, walking and trying to learn to do new things by himself, you kinda feel that you are actually really "getting older". compared to his continuous growth, we kinda seem to be "stuck" in this growth. we don't grow physically anymore, except in that we grow "old". Physically, some aspects will change up until old age and death, but also, changes will abound in what we do with our bodies. I hope that "inside" - spiritually, intellectually, emotionally - our growth is not stunted either, but rather, continuing to grow and evolve despite what has already stopped in the physical process(in some way).

Just sharing what was in my mind the other night. I did feel somewhat stuck, that most adults feel stuck at where they are right now, in whatever aspect you can think of. You can say that sometimes, it is a physical matter. yet there are also times that it is not the body at all but rather our hearts, our minds or our souls that are bound shut.

Good day, everybody. :)

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