Friday, September 18, 2009

Beautiful Portraits

This guy is amazing. Each one of us is truly given a gift - something that we are truly good at, something that we really love and enjoy doing, something that makes us feel good and makes others feel good and happy as well, something that we hone our whole lives to become better and better, something that we work hard on no matter what others may think, and at some point, truly a life force that helps us go on and persevere, no matter what. :) Please view his website. :)

Here's a sample of the portraits he draws.

Note: This image is not mine. I don't take credit for the image, and the sole use of this one image is to share the artist's gift of beauty in art - I am posting it here on my blog so that i can show others why you should see more at his website. I add this note to this entry so as to ward off any thoughts of and on plagiarism/copyright and the like legal claims, on my part and those of others. The owner of ThePortraitArt has full rights to his portraits/images.

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