Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Smiling Inner Child

Thanks, Drew, for always encouraging me to write down my thoughts. Thank you, for a lot of you out there who also have reminded me to write. :)

Well, it's been a while since i've been driving alone during the daytime. On a pretty quiet sunday morning, unaffected by any severe slow-moving traffic, i find myself in a relaxed mood. and in some way, at awe of the present moment of sunshine, blue skies, and the very motion of driving a car. it is a beautiful sight and beautiful moment, much like being stuck in that time warp somewhere. I guess we can always call on this "time bubble" if we really want to. It is a serene experience - my heart smiles.

Pictures of my childhood came flooding by my mind, flashing by and playing in my mind as if it was just a few moments ago. These childhood memories are still so vivid and clear, as if i am still seeing it at that very moment. In my mind's eye, these memories roll on through my head as i saw it through my eyes at different ages: seven, ten, fifteen, and so on through my high school and college days. I "saw" how i rode the bike and fell down. I "saw" myself walking through the halls of St. Joseph Bldg during college. Even the feeling during those moments, i can still remember clearly now. It is as if time didn't pass, but of course, we know that it did.

Yet even at this age of 27, some of us would feel so old, that our youth is starting to pass us by or rather has passed us by. I believe otherwise. Given this glimpse today, it is a reminder that the child in us and our Soul - Ageless and very much Alive within us - never withers and dies. As we grow in our physical body - toward old age and death, our Soul lives on and keeps on learning throughout the ages. Even if we come to an age when we will be walking around with a cane, stopping by to catch our breathe after a walk around the corner or just being plain slow with everything else, the eyes of our Inner Child, the eyes of our Soul, it will never get old nor will it lose its sparkle. Even by then, we can still "see" everything with the eyes, the heart and the soul of a child. We have never lost it; it has always been in us. It is just like we have chosen to put on that "rose colored lenses of adulthood" when we reached a certain age, even when we didn't have to. Yet we can always choose to take those lenses off, for a while or even forever, and see life unencumbered by limitations, illusions and the clouds of fear. We always have a choice on how we choose to see our Life, on how we perceive all that have happened and on how we feel on all that we have experienced. It is up to us, Our Self, and how we decide to live each moment. We can feel detached. Or, with our child eyes, we see things as they are, nothing more and nothing less. But that we wouldn't be a problem, because we accept things and people as they are, even situations, and we go on living our lives with a smile, living each moment fully. What matters is only Now, nothing else.

Our soul, from when we were younger and up to this very moment, it is the same soul. To the soul, time passes yet it grows not old. Our soul, it is and will be as vibrant and alive as it is now as it will be when we leave this body. Whether or not we are aware of it, our Soul is there. Our Self. That's why we can live through hundreds and thousands of lives, yet not feel old. Free, even in this material body. Enjoying the simple pleasures of life, happy, content and at peace, and just being US. Just Be and nothing more.

And there's nothing more and there's nothing else that we would and can ask for. :)

Be well, my friends.
Be well, oh Universe.
May Peace and Love Prevail in all Realms.
Safe life journeys, everybody.

and don't forget - let your heart smile every day. I am pretty sure you'll be smiling sometime afterwards. :)

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