Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ever watched?
As a smiled slowly curled on your face,
And your mind clears up, present to whatever there is that day.

Ever breathed?
Hoping that it would never end,
Or that it would never happen.

Ever hoped?
That it would not hurt like hell,
Wondering when it will get well or if it must ever get well.

Have you ever closed your eyes?
Hoping not to wake up ever.
Were you ever afraid of falling asleep?
Fearful that this we cannot keep?

Have you ever just sat quietly?
Watching life go by?
Have you ever paused for a while?
Praying for our dear Inner Child.

Here we are,
stopping while wading on the Life Stream.
To go with the flow, or stand still.
To fall away fighting the current,
or to let the waves swallow us away.

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