Friday, November 28, 2008

Our bodies are now seen as objects.
Viewed and scrutinized.
Used and Abused.

It is the same with the physical world.
Trying to control our happiness,
By Controlling Our Lives.
To make the world ours.
To make the illusion and lies come alive,
in this "world" of ours.

Yet however much we try,
grasping and running towards it.
It just eludes us.
Thinking that we have found
the fountain of life,
we are yet again flounding on the side of life.
lost as ever, as mysteries old and new come abound.

Dying, decomposing, rotting....
Once all is lost,
we fall.
Will we continue fumble frantically?
Or shall we learn to fall,
and let all things break away and go?

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