Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ultimate Expression

I'm about to burst
Yet there's no way out
All these feelings deep inside me
Just yearns to be free

Hiding me in myself
Hiding beneath the cloak
Of our facade
Too many faces, too many hidden messages

I want to be heard
I want to be seen
I want to be loved, and i want to love
by just being me

But however much i try to do so
I always pull myself back in
Afraid to be seen
As who i truly am

Will there ever be a right way?
Will there ever be an easy path?
Should i keep my peace and hide?
Hiding in the comfort of no friction?

Or to be free as i would like to be,
Despite the gritty pain i will face
Upon the unfurling of the truth
One that is true to oneself and the world?

Even words spoken here,
right at this very moment,
is hanging on the balance.
Should i speak or keep my peace?

And then again,
I will question myself again.
Another time,
Will the answer be different?

Still standing in the middle of the balance
Afraid to take either sides
One only falls either way
Yet what rises on the other side?

Rushing to get answers
Rushing to answer
Rushing to be free
Rushing to be me

through the journey of time and space,
Remembering memories of experiences
Living out the present experiences,
To look forward to what experiences are yet to come.
Will i have learned by then?

Or to take my time,
In picking the pieces
Of what is to make up
The Whole of ME.

Do i even need to prove myself?
Do i even need to present myself?
Or do i just live out who i am,
And that is all that needs to be?
The Ultimate Expression of ME?

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