Saturday, May 26, 2007

It is one of those days that everyone leaves early because they have to go attend the activities set for this evening. So right now, i am alone in the office, except for a dozen of cats outside the office that is roaming or lying along the halls right now.

It being a Saturday, it's been laidback the whole day. I get to work at the other room, where i feel very comfortable working in since it is quiet and i can look out of the window. Aside from that, i enjoy the company of my other co-worker there. There weren't much calls to answer, not much people to face. For me, that's a good thing. I like it when i don't have to face people much, when i am allowed to my own space and time. But of course, this being the case, i tend to feel sleepy as well.

Right now, a Tzu Chi Youth has just dropped by. He just came from school and had nothing to do before heading off to Hyatt for a meeting with i don't know who. He'll be keeping me company until 6pm. He actually came here to ask about the camp held last week by Tzu Chi for the youth, but since those who are in charge of it already left, well, there is nothing left to do. instead of just letting him to do nothing and wait for the time to come, i asked if he wanted to just count coins. He was willing, and so i let him do it. I won't be able to talk to him anyway since i barely know him.

Actually, i want to go home already. My momentum on translating has already gone by for the day. Yet, i must wait until the clock strikes exactly at 6pm, then i can leave, or that is when one of my officemates comes back to pick up his stuff.

Anyway, before i fall asleep, i'll just try finishing up the translation and leave the editing for monday. the newsletter for last quarter is way overdue and my feeling lazy now is not helping.

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