Sunday, November 26, 2006


Yeah, today, i just spent... oh, how did i spend my day?

i woke up early, took a bath (oh, by the way, did you know that we suddenly didn't have any water running through our water pipes as of Friday evening? luckily, though not really that prepared, my parents were able to get people to prepare water to be used at home. and they kept on buying distilled water for drinking purposes.), went to attend the medical mission of Tzu Chi held at the new Still Thoughts Hall at Cordillera cor. Agno. Sts.. I stayed until lunch time, but didn't eat lunch there anymore. was really tired, and was sort of zoning out while driving (not sleeping, but did know i was really tired.). but i got home safe.

i was supposed to go out this afternoon - a friend from Thailand was supposed to arrive this afternoon, but his trip got cancelled at the last minute today. It's so cool how we can travel here and there so conveniently, especially when we have the means to do so. :) hehe :) Before, it feels weird to travel here and there, but after getting to travel, it just seems normal - far places seem so near. :) You can come and go as you wish (i guess after some planning and spending first). :D so, i was supposed to be out the whole day today, but then, since he didn't arrive, then plans were scrapped. oh well.... in a way, i guess it is a good thing. i am really tired from this morning. if he did arrive, i would have been really tired even while hanging out, and it would be taxing for me to drive home late at night. because after eating lunch at home, and watching tv for a while, i really felt tired, not feeling like watching tv, and ended up sleeping the rest of the afternoon just to make up for the hours of lost sleep. now, am somewhat up and about. i told myself, "yeah, i wouldn't have the energy to really stay out. good thing i am home now and can get some rest."

well, had late dinner, and just watched tv... really felt like reading something, but yeah, pretty lazy. laziness gets the best of me. i wonder, "why do i always want to be lazy instead? is there really a reason for us to be lazy in doing something?" and of course, a distant memory flashes by, and i remember some other past event that leads me from one to another. :) hehe :) and here i am, thinking again - obsessive-compulsive thinking.... though i am trying to curb this "obsessive-compulsive thinking" since it always gets me into trouble that i don't really want to be in - creating self-doubt and doubt on people that i really care for. it brings out the worst in me that i know i should accept but should not rule me. fear... it constricts us into the small space that we still thought is our own to control - hoping to still control ourselves and hopefully, others and the events that surround us.

oh well....

gotta go.... can't feel my leg anymore. :D

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