Wednesday, September 29, 2004

how are you doing lately? guess you are pretty busy again.... :) well, i guess it was just a month ago when we last exchanged emails. :)

sometimes, i do wish to be a high school student again. and in a way, enjoyed my happy-go-lucky life then..... now, there are decisions to make, though i know i have some more time to enjoy or think things through.... i am a depressed teenager..... although, i dunno, i guess i have already made my decision on that part of my life, which means i have to learn from those and make sure that i don't make the wrong decisions.....

the future can bring us to so many places..... where will i end up? where will we end up?
so many things to miss, and so much to look forward. at least i look forward, but of course, i just hope that i don't expect too much.... well i guess if i work hard for my future, why not.... i hope i can live my present as well.....

anyway, hope to hear from you soon! :)

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