Saturday, July 03, 2004

July 1, 2004, Thursday, Daph's treat at Pinoydon Eastwood. :)

We were supposed to meet each other (Daph, I, Cua, and Angel) at Tokyo Tokyo at Eastwood, but then, we decided to try Pinoydon out. :)

Waited for Angel for a while. But we got talking and talking. and even while eating, we kept on talking and talking. :) Boy, Daph and Angel were in a joking mood. :) But it was fun, really! :) I didn't think that I would be so comfy with all of you. Of course, with Daph(of course,best friend ko yan) and Angel, it wouldn't be hard. But with Cua, i thought it would be somewhat ackward. Of course, i was wrong. :) I had a great time with all three of you. If it wasn't for Daph, i wouldn't have known i would enjoy your company. :)

It was a night out with friends, a simple night but filled with fun and laughter. :) Of course, it would be part of my memory bank.

Simply put, let's go out again sometime. :) Real soon!!! :) Of course, i should make sure that i finish my thesis by that time. :)

'Til next time! :)


Pilgrim said...

Sarap ba sa Pinoydon? :)

Grace said...

okay naman. :) pwede na. :)