Thursday, July 29, 2004


Hey guys and gals!

there is an upcoming Jubilee Christian Academy Association Grand Homecoming event titled, "Homecoming Ko 'To" that will be held on September 18, 2004(Saturday), 6pm.  It will be held at the Community Hall, which is the 4th floor of the JCA Annex New Building at E.Rodriguez, which is also the newly constructed multi-purpose gymnasium.    There will be registration, announcements, a concert by PIDO and TAKE ONE BAND, dinner(buffet) as well as raffle and games. -- it is a reunion of all the JCA Alumnis! This grand event will be the biggest gathering of alumni after the last successful homecoming 5 years ago.  Jubilee Christian Academy has a total of 21 batches of High School graduates from Batch 1984 to Batch 2004; with more than 1900 alumni members.

All JCA Alumnis are invited, formally welcoming the graduates of Batch 1999 to 2004 into the Alumni Association.  The Association will also be awarding outstanding alumni and winners from the past sports tournaments.  This will also be the venue for all members to get to know each other, do business networking, recall old time high school memories with classmates, and teachers, and rekindle long lost friendships.

There is a ticket fee of P300.00 per person.  You can also avail of an Alumni Card(and directory) for P200.00.  Attire for the said event is casual.

In line with this, since our alumni association, and so are the alumni, is still very young and have limited funds, the association would like to solicit sponsorship to support this event.  Solicitations are warmly welcomed.  Rates for the Major and Minor Sponsorship and Ads will be e-mailed upon your request. If you know anybody who can be sponsors or if you want to be a sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact Gennet Limtanhoa, with her contact
details stated below.

Please contact Gennet Limtanhoa, at 0927-4056440 or, for any inquiries regarding the event or on the details of the solicitation/sponsorship. :) 

Looking forward to seeing you all there! :)

Spread the word to all JCA Alumnis you know!

Thank you very much! :)

~Grace Limtanhoa, Batch 2000.(0917-4375006)

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