Saturday, February 03, 2007

While i was alone....

i discovered that i wanted to be perfect
perfect for you
so that you wouldn't need anything else
wouldn't need anyone else for you.
and with that you moved away.
only to realize now
that you have accepted me for who i am
that you accepted me even when i was not perfect
you have accepted my good and my bad,
both together,
and there is not anything else that i should be proving to you.
in your eyes, and in your heart
you knew that i am already good enough
and that is why you don't understand why i can't just love myself.
i set up expectations on you
but the truth is, i also set up so high an expectation on me much more
for nobody can be perfect
we can only be us.
that is why i became afraid, because i can't get it right.
when all i need is to be at peace with myself,
with who i am, when being me
is just what real people like you
want to get to be with.
to be real, to be just me,
to be just at peace with ourselves.
that is what we aspire to be,
no need for control,
no need for masks,
no need to hide,
no need for fear.
only surrounded by love,
built with trust,
surrounded by acceptance and understanding.
for that is why friendships and relationships are strong.
because being who we are means the most.
and with that, we feel and are free.
free to still be who we are, free to be loved and to love.
no limitations, no pushing, no grasping
- and just be...

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