Sunday, January 21, 2007

A review of my life

Well, sort of. :) I just suddenly didn't have anything to do (well, actually i can watch t.v., i can read a book, i can burn the files that i should have done so since last year, i can eat, i can sleep, etc...), or one can say that i am thinking of something else that i really feel like doing. :) but anyway, i ended up coming to my brother's room, and here i am, suddenly feeling the urge to check my blogger account. :)

And there, i switched to whatever's new to blogger - like signing in through google. i have no problem with this. one less password to remember. :) though i wonder about the customization of domain name(?). and once done, i ended up "reading" whatever i was writing or blogging before. funny, those thoughts are still very active in my life in the present. thinking of it back then, and still thinking of it now. :)

i wonder how everybody else is doing. everybody's busy with their own lives. i only get to keep in touch with Drew thru googletalk. the others, at times over MSN or Yahoo messenger.

Would always feel like writing whenever i can't write, but once i can do the writing, i am too lazy, tired or distracted to do so. :)

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